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Top Eight Features of Windows 8 Client

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Executive Summary

Windows 8 is still Longhorn (albeit "Longhorn point two"), and when you find your way to Windows Explorer, the Registry Editor, the various control panels, and administrative tools, you will be in fairly familiar territory. However, Microsoft has made radical changes to the user interface in an apparent bet that most of its customers will be jettisoning traditional laptops and desktops in favor of tablets. That is probably a valid prediction for home users, but for businesses who plan to stick with keyboards and mice for a few more years, Windows 8 is going to take a lot more user training than Windows 7 did. Please note that this white paper is based on beta software; we'll update it when Windows 8 goes "gold." For now, however, here are the eight topics that jumped out at me when I got acquainted with Windows 8.

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