Top Six Features for SharePoint 2010 Power Users

Date Added: Nov 2009
Format: PDF

After a review conducted at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, here are the five features that were recognized as valuable and effective for users. Note Boards, Ratings, and Tagging: SharePoint interface now shows most of the social computing features. Comments on pages can be left by users by using Note Boards and ratings allow users to weigh in on the value of pages and documents. SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflows: the features in this software allow users to represent their workflow in a visual format as well as import and export workflows as Windows SharePoint solution packages. Activity Feed and User Status: Users can update their status' and let other know what they are doing in real time. SharePoint can also analyze the behavior of various users and show updates from them in the activity feed. Users can also broadcast their activities on the feed to let everyone in their networks know what is currently happening with them. Business Connectivity Services and External Content Types: external content can be used to display a line of business data in the SharePoint site. Improvements to the Content Query and Data View Web Parts: Query String values are used as parameters to aggregate, filter, and display data to users. The Data View Web Part now has better visual tools to allow power users to present data joined from various SharePoint sources.