Topology-Aware Wavelength Partitioning for DWDM OBS Networks: A Novel Approach for Absolute QoS Provisioning

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Executive Summary

Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is a promising switching technology for the next generation all-optical networks. An OBS network without wavelength converters and fiber delay lines can be implemented simply and cost-effectively using the existing technology. However, this kind of networks suffers from a relatively high burst loss probability at the OBS core nodes. To overcome this issue and consolidate OBS networks with QoS provisioning capabilities, the authors propose a wavelength partitioning approach, called Optimization-based Topology-aware Wavelength Partitioning approach (OTWP). OTWP formulates the wavelength partitioning problem, based on the topology of the network, as an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) model and uses a Tabu Search algorithm (TS) to resolve large instances efficiently.

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