Transparent Transmission of a Secure Time Domain Spectral Phase Encoding/Decoding DPSK - OCDM Signal Over a DWDM Network

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Executive Summary

The authors propose and experimentally demonstrate a transparent Optical-Code-Division Multiplexing (OCDM) overlay public Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network architecture enabled by a passive spectral notch filter for extracting and detecting a secure OCDM signal, which employs a time domain spectral phase encoding/decoding scheme that can simultaneously generate Differential-Phase-Shift-Keying (DPSK) data and optical code patterns using only a single phase modulator. The time domain encoded OCDM signal has been scrambled bit-by-bit by a prime hopping pattern and concealed in the public DWDM channels to significantly improve the OCDM channel security.

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