Tripwire Log Center: Next Generation Log and Event Management

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Executive Summary

Tripwire Log Center, a complete log and event management solution, offers sophisticated security event analysis and ultra-efficient log management. With Tripwire Log Center, you can query and search the event database, drill down to investigate suspicious activity, and even use graphical tools to correlate events with an incident and pinpoint where that incident impacted the IT infrastructure. A centralized dashboard gives a quick view of all alerts, events of interest and vulnerabilities. In this white paper, learn about using log data to track suspicious activity, the inadequacies of traditional security information and event management solutions, and requirements for meeting current security needs. Then learn how Tripwire Log Center helps meet those needs, and how it combines with Tripwire Enterprise to give visibility into changes and security events in the IT infrastructure, intelligence to make better decisions, and automation of repetitive, manual tasks.

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