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Turn Applications into Portlets

Date Added: Oct 2009
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Code reuse is a common practice in application development, but as an application developer, it is usable as a complete application - or an Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) task flow - with a portal or another application. Oracle JDeveloper 11g enables to create applications and Oracle ADF task flows. Oracle WebCenter Framework extends Oracle ADF and contains a feature called the Oracle JSF portlet bridge that can turn an application or an Oracle ADF task flow into a portlet, which can then be consumed by a portal or an application. The Oracle JSF portlet bridge is based on the JSR 301 standard. This specification enables user to take existing JSF applications and Oracle ADF task flows and turn them into JSR 168-standard-based portlets, which can then deploy through Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP). The portlets can be consumed by any application that can handle WSRP, such as an Oracle WebCenter application or Oracle Portal. As mentioned in this paper, use the latest version of Oracle JDeveloper 11g and the Oracle WebCenter Framework extension. With the help of various diagrams one can learn how to turn applications into portlets. This paper also helps to understand how to register the WSRP producer with an Oracle WebCenter application built with the Oracle WebCenter Framework and to use the portlet with the application.