Data Centers

Understanding and Abstracting Total Data Center Power

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Data centers of various small and large organizations are alarmingly aware of the need for energy-efficient power consumption methods that can reduce energy and costs. With the range and difficulty of data center's infrastructure, it is difficult to select a power management system for any organization. This paper provides the framework for modeling total data center power. It offers a systematic structure with hypothetical data center designs that are required for producing total data center power. It describes component-wise models for integration into detailed data center simulator that tracks subsystem consumption and interaction. With the increase in carbon emissions around the globe, the government has launched various research efforts for improved data center energy efficiency. This paper focuses on management strategies for subsystems such as servers and storage systems, power conditioning systems, cooling and humidification systems, networking equipment, and lighting and physical security. It offers tools for computer systems community to access and explain about total data center power with its target on data center reproduction and abstract systematic modeling. This paper features computer system-designed models that provide reasoning about data center power with drawings. These models describe power characteristics of a single device in details and also show the utilization, power, and heat flow among components in the designs.