Business Intelligence

Understanding Business Activity Monitoring in Oracle SOA Suite

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Executive Summary

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) was designed with the motive of moving IT organization closer to the business. Many services like Business Intelligence (BI) that helps in processing of a database have been introduced in the past. This paper discusses how new services like Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is different than traditional BI and how it is helpful for better understanding of businesses. BI is a service system in which reports are generated and delivered either on a scheduled basis or in response to a user request. It does not reflect any changes to the information until the next scheduled run or until a user requests the report to be rerun. In comparison to the BI, BAM is an event-driven reporting tool that generates alerts and reports in real time, based on a continuously changing data stream, some of whose data may not be in the database. As events occur in the Services and Processes, the business has defined they are captured by BAM and reports and views are updated in real time. Though real time reports can be availed from traditional tools like Oracle Reports, Oracle Discoverer and BI Suite but these do not provide event driven reporting. On the other hand, BAM also allows the businesses to monitor the state of business targets and Key Performance Indicators, such as the current most popular products in a retail environment or the current time taken to serve customers in a service environment.

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