Data Management

Understanding Continuous Data Protection

Date Added: Apr 2010
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Data is the key to all business management and its security the top priority of all IT Managers today. Given high data growth rates and increasingly stringent recovery requirements, approaches that treat backup as a discrete operation are becoming less workable in many environments. This paper explains the benefits of Continuous Data Protection Appliance that maintains a record of the current state of the data by leveraging the baseline state and the journaled writes. The CDP has the ability to create multiple recovery copies around a single point that can inturn be very helpful during root cause analysis activities that are attempting to ascertain the cause of data corruption or some other type of failure. Besides this, the CDP provides for optimized Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) regardless of what the problem was or the recovery requirements are. CDP changes the nature of backup by making it continuous, significantly lowering server, network, and storage resource utilization (relative to conventional backup) and enabling near-zero RPOs for most recovery scenarios. This paper is an attempt to understand certain design decisions of CDP, additional features such as Bookmarking and Retention Policies. It is targeted at a technical audience that is familiar with the daily operational tasks and challenges associated with local and remote data protection solutions.