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Uninsured Vs. Insured: 2008 Survey Of Health Care Consumers

Date Added: Jan 2010
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It's widely accepted that the number of Americans without health care coverage is creeping toward the 50 million mark. But what are the characteristics that define the nation's uninsured? The Deloitte survey of the attitudes, behaviors and unmeet needs of the U.S. health care consumer found differences in many areas between the insured and uninsured, but also a common ground in what they want and need. Affordability is an issue, but both perceive quality differences, want more information and are looking for access to online tool. More of the uninsured chose not to see a doctor when were sick or hurt (53 percent to 46 percent) percent of insured; Fewer of the uninsured (28 percent) report currently undergoing treatment or participating in a program to help them manage a chronic condition; 37 percent of the insured are undergoing such treatment; 21 percent of the uninsured, vs. 16 percent of the insured, believe their overall health is below average for people in their age group ;Similar percentages of the uninsured (24 percent) and insured (21 percent) believe the effort they make to maintain or improve their general health is below average; More of the uninsured (13 percent) than the insured (8 percent) have substituted an alternative or natural therapy for a prescription medication; Fewer of the uninsured have traveled outside their community for care compared to the insured (8 percent vs. 12 percent, respectively).