Unit Testing Your Application With JUnit

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When software is developed, a developer is required to test various components of the application on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that they are functioning correctly as required. This helps the developer to create and make changes in the components easily. The work becomes much easy if there are tests that can be re run after each change. Such tests can be written using a generic architecture called xUnit available in the market. The clients can even opt for a specific instance of the xUnit architecture called JUnit. This is an open source package that can be used for developing automated unit tests for software in Java. This paper is an introduction to the way a unit test can be created for Oracle Application Development Framework projects. The paper also shows how these can be executed from within Oracle JDeveloper. JUnit is mostly used to create a set of unit tests that can be run automatically every time some changes are made to software. This ensures that changes made to the software do not break things that were previously functioning. Another method, known as Test-Driven Development (TDD), allows developers to write unit tests even before writing the software under test itself).