Upgraded Thermistor for Unbiased Measurements: Evaluation of New GPS Radiosonde RS-06G

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Executive Summary

The Final Report on 2005 WMO Intercomparison in Mauritius indicated that the thermistor of Meisei RS-01G radiosonde showing a tendency of positive bias temperature at high altitude. It assumed that the phenomenon had been attributed to a difference in cloud albedo between Japan and Mauritius. Also, the Final Report indicated the negative bias on humidity at low altitude in high humidity condition caused by storage environment and the negative bias on humidity at high altitude with incident solar radiation. To solve these biases, Meisei developed new GPS radiosonde RS-06G. RS-06G, the upgraded radiosonde with a new thermistor is a successor to RS-01G and its time constant is 2.4 seconds at the altitude of 30km.

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