Use a project dashboard to monitor your project's progress, course-correct more easily, and steer your project to success

The key to understanding a project is to make regular measurements, both quantitative and qualitative, then to display the measurements publicly. When project managers display these measurements as part of the project status, teams are able to adjust their work and proceed more successfully. Such a collection of measurements is known as a project dashboard. In this chapter download from Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management, learn how to create a project dashboard that accurately reports progress towards project completion and provides meaningful feedback to your team.

Title: Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management
Author: Johanna Rothman
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
Chapter 11: Creating and Using a Project Dashboard
ISBN: 0-9787392-4-8; Copyright 2007 Pragmatic Bookshelf. All rights reserved.
Used with permission from the publisher. Available from booksellers or direct from Pragmatic Bookshelf

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