User Interface Controls Overview

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: HTML

This paper gives a brief overview of the control functionality, teaches one how to use UI control classes in the JavaFX applications, and explains how one applies CSS styles to the user interface. The JavaFX UI controls available through the JavaFX API are built by using nodes in the scene graph, and therefore they can take full advantage of the visually rich features of the JavaFX platform and be portable across profiles (including mobile and TV). It covers the listed controls and introduces the code samples. Navigate through the topics in the table of contents to learn about features and behavior of each component. All the UI control classes provide additional variables and behaviors beyond those of the Control class to support typical user interactions in an intuitive manner The Container classes attempt to set the size of any resizable children object to their preferred size, which has important implications when placing the UI controls inside containers. Because UI controls from the javafx.scene.control package are all extensions of the Node class, they are able to integrate with the scene-graph rendering, animation, transformations, and animated transitions. The paper also mentions the steps to consider when developing user interface with the JavaFX UI Control.