Using Model-Based Testing for Testing Application Models in the Context of Domain-Specific Modelling

Date Added: Oct 2009
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With the advancement in Domain-Specific Modelling (DSM), the productivity and quality in software development has also enhanced. Inspite of these gains, there is still a need to test these modeled applications prior to release. For testing these models traditional testing approaches can also be applied. Though with DSM, testing generated applications, maintaining a comprehensive test suite for all developed applications becomes a tedious task.This paper attempts to test the feasibility of utilizing Model-Based Testing (MBT) to generate a test suite for application models. Although, earlier MBT models were developed from software specification parallel to implementation, the paper here attempts to apply the MBT to generate a test suite directly from domain-specific application models. This approach is seen as a viable choice for automatically generating comprehensive test cases from models describing externally visible behavior of a System Under Testing (SUT). To check the feasibility, the paper develops a domain-specific modeling language and a code generator for a coffee machine laboratorial case. Then MBT is applied to this model to generate a test suite for the application models. The conclusion arrived at through the results point out that there are no technical obstacles but the results still don't prove the feasibility of using this testing approach in large-scale models and languages.