Using SharePoint Content Types to Manage Information Consistently

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Executive Summary

A content type is a reusable group of settings for a category of content. This can be used to manage metadata, templates and behavior of the documents regularly. To understand this more effectively, one can go on to create a new document in a document center and the menu will give them a set of content types to choose from. One can then choose the type that corresponds to their needs and save the file thus. With this product, one can use two basic types of content types : site content and list content. Site content can help one with subsites created below a parent site. The list content type is just that, a place where one can add content into relevant lists. These can then be customized to a specific location or library. Using this product helps one in numerous ways. One can, for starters, use the default content types that are already available with SharePoint. One does not need to create a new content type at all. Also, the software works to classify the content hierarchically that enables the user to handle the content suitably all through their organization. One can work their way around the software once they understand and are familiar with the way it works. It can be used to create as well as incorporate changes in the already existing functions it provides.

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