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vDC: Virtual Data Center Powered With as Alliance for Enabling Cost-Effective Business Continuity and Coverage

Date Added: Apr 2010
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Today, cloud providers are faced with the mammoth task of providing efficient data centers to meet the various requirements of its customers. These can include anything from business continuity, coverage and performance to being cost-effective for application providers. This impossible task of satisfying all these requirements are made more difficult when one considers the cost involved in the process. This paper proposes the concept of virtual Data Center (vDC) of multiple, geographically-distributed data centers over the Internet as a solution to this problem. The paper applies the concept of AS alliance in order to ensure resilient connectivity of vDC for meeting the requirement of high business continuity. Through this paper, the detail design of AS alliance, tailored for the vDC concept, is also being introduced. The prototype of this practical design of architecture of vDC over AS alliance has also been tested to make vDC connectivity robust. The paper concludes that this design is a practical solution and can be deployed in the current Internet situation. It only slightly extends BGP and IP tunnels, which does not hamper its practicality. The paper also highlights the topics that can be taken up for future study. This includes working on the control interface for a cloud service provider to dynamically reconfigure a vDC, to analyze the stability of a vDC over AS alliance in case of instability in the Internet.