VIPRE Takes a Bite Out of Bloatware

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Executive Summary

Hackers and rogue code writers will continue to ply their trade and create new, ever more efficient and pernicious viruses and blended malware threats. This will in turn, cause many of the antivirus vendors to continue to expand their code base. Unless or until the leading antivirus/antispyware vendors re-architect their products from scratch, as Sunbelt has done with VIPRE Enterprise, bloatware will continue to abound. Preventive antivirus and antispyware packages are "Must Haves" in today's networking environments. No company from the smallest business with 10 users up to the largest enterprise with 100,000+ employees is immune from the security threats posed by rogue code, which include viruses, trojans, bots, zombies, spyware, spam, and blended malware.

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