Virtual Doppelganger: On the Performance, Isolation, and Scalability of Para-And Paene-Virtualized Systems

Paravirtualization, popularized by the Xen hypervisor, is quickly expanding into commodity markets, with many in the IT sector considering it for a variety of purposes. It is appropriate for many usage scenarios, yet for those requiring strong isolation and good performance and high scalability there is at least one often overlooked alternative, which the authors call paenevirtualization Paenevirtualized systems are general-purpose, time-shared OSs retrofitted with abstractions to provide both namespace isolation and resource isolation. Examples of such systems include HP UX 11i Secure Resource Partitions, and Solaris 10 Zones, Virtuozzo for Linux, and Linux Vservers.

Provided by: Clarkson University Topic: Virtualization Date Added: Jan 2011 Format: PDF

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