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Virtualizing Enterprise Application Infrastructure with Sun Chip Multithreading Technology

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Executive Summary

In today's complex business environments, corporate executives must contend with an array of challenging?and sometimes conflicting?issues. Business managers are expected to offer secure application services, support more customers, create new and innovative products, and enhance the company's responsiveness to rapid market changes. At the same time, managers are required to spend less on equipment and resources, reduce staff, and cut operating costs. IT managers, especially, are driven to lower both capital and operating expenditures while increasing capacity for more application services and growing markets. To help meet these conflicting demands, managers must determine ways to reduce both the number and complexity of the systems in the corporate infrastructure while simultaneously increasing performance, capacity, and security. Many of these challenges can be addressed by effective implementation of high-speed networking, fast encryption, and innovative virtualization technologies available on Oracle's chip multithreading (CMT) technology-based servers.

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