Data Management

Visibility, Management, and Control of IT Infrastructures

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Executive Summary

IT operations are often stuck in a fix-and-fiddle mentality where every new service requires more maintenance, repair, and fiddling with gear. Rather than innovating to drive the organization forward, IT operations have been stuck, tangled up in the wires and cables of their networks. By virtualizing the network infrastructure, the data center can become simpler and your IT organization can become more agile and responsive. IT can focus on innovating and adding services that support the business goals of your company.

This paper explains how to change all of that by maximizing business efficiency with a converged infrastructure that provides unprecedented opportunities to improve network performance in less time and with fewer resources:

  • Find out how to build a more responsive IT team and reduce the cost of everything from hardware to power
  • Discover why you'll be able to make better use of your data center's physical space, reduce the time it takes to deploy solutions, and reclaim staff time
  • Learn why networking changes take minutes instead of weeks and how information really will mean power and possibility for your organization
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