Visio 2010 Pivot Diagramming for Visualizing Business Data and Structure

In this podcast, speakers share the techniques that can dramatically increase the understanding, efficiency, and productivity of Microsoft Visio 2010 users, turning Visio generalists into true Visio power users, discover how to go beyond simple Excel Pivot Tables and move to incredibly powerful Visio pivot diagrams. This podcast helps to learn how to point to and attach an external OLEDB and ODBC-compliant data source, point to and attach external hierarchal data to be used in the Visio pivot diagram, drill in, roll up, slice, and dice data in visually rich Visio pivot diagrams, drill down, roll up, and lay out data (in vertical and horizontal manners) in Visio pivot diagrams, re-link to visualize both numeric and textual data in Visio pivot diagrams.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Collaboration Date Added: Aug 2010 Format: Podcast

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