Visualizing Dynamic Metrics with Profiling Blueprints

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) practitioners wanting to leverage IHE profiles in implementations can benefit from this paper, which assumes that the reader already has a good understanding of basic principles of the design and service-orientation of SOA. It offers a range of discussions on broader topics for readers looking to advance their understanding of best practices in designing flexible, cost-effective and interoperable architectures. The paper defines interoperability as mechanisms that guarantee data sharing. By expanding SAO in a particular domain with IHE's approach to interoperability, the paper establishes a lingo for comparing the two approaches. The in focus is Healthcare. The paper offers an illustration of the use of IHE profiles in an SOA design that is hypothetical. The illustration and discussion surrounding it focuses on how IHE profiles may be leveraged in an SOA design. The focus is also on exploring issues, benefits and challenges in the closer alignment of SOA approaches and the IHE Technical Framework. By examining issues from both perspectives, the paper relates the different nomenclatures, approaches and goals to offer a useful perspective to both IHE and SOA implementers. It uses a range of hypothetical yet realistic examples to demonstrate that IHE brings interoperability to SOA solutions in the domain of healthcare. Further, it dwells upon how service-oriented design and SOA principles facilitate the interoperability design that supports services.

Provided by: University of Chile Topic: Networking Date Added: Mar 2010 Format: PDF

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