VMCI Socket Performance

Download Now Date Added: Nov 2009
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The Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) device, offered thorough VMCI Sockets Library is a powerful system that allows efficient and fast communication solutions for multiple VM's based on the same host, with no extra requirement of Guest Networking Stack. Though initially the VMCI device was introduced in VMware Server 2.0 and VMware Workstation 6.5, now it has been enhanced to be completely supported with VMware vSphere 4. VMware has now released a paper detailing the VMCI device and the VMCI Sockets Library. The paper also gives details of tests carried out to compare performance of TCP/ IP sockets versus the VMCI sockets. The test showed that VMCI outperformed TCP/ IP for majority network configurations. The paper gives details of the performance methodology, experiment results and multi session performance results. The paper further concludes that if the system operated on VMCI sockets instead of TCP/ IP sockets, the output speed is as high as 29 Gbps. Similar great results are seen when Linux or Window's VM are used. Because of such high performance it can be said that if an application uses VMCI, the inter VM communications costs are likely to be significantly reduced. Although there are minimal costs involved in building the portable capabilities, once done, the systems would be much more cost effective and efficient than one that uses TCP/ IP.