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VMware VCenter Site Recovery Manager Performance and Best Practices for Performance

Date Added: Aug 2009
Format: PDF

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is of vital importance to all organizations, big or small who are dependent on Information Technology (IT) for management of their business data. DRP refers to technical recovery of the IT systems post any kind of man made, technical or natural disruption. An effective and powerful recovery plan ensures that an organization has minimal losses during any outage in terms of both money and data and is able to resume complete or partial business as soon as possible. DRP is becoming an important part of business strategy due to the extreme dependence in information systems for running day to day business. VMware has recently published a paper on effective site recovery management that assures minimal recovery time for the IT systems in an establishment. The paper discusses various issues involved in site recovery plans like number of machines that need support, associated protection groups, cluster level performance for site recovery, guideline on configuration in the recovery plan and addresses latency issues between recovery and protected sites. The paper gives valuable information on industry best practices for DRP and recommendation on system recovery testing plans that are non disruptive and automated failover systems. The recovery solutions offered by DMware are also given in the paper and the benefits attached to these solutions will help DRP managers to understand the effectiveness.