VMware vSphere Raising Data Centers Closer to the Cloud

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Executive Summary

All business enterprises are willing to invest in something that reap productivity and control costs in the long run no matter however big it may be if they know they can gain something from it. They want to be sure that the Return On Investment (ROI) factor is there. For the same reason, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has built VMware vSphere so they can consolidate their data center and ensure data protection. It also allows for high level business continuity and is agile and very cost effective. The paper talks about VMware vSphere 4.0 which has got lots of worthy features and updates. Its features range from VM clustering, an OS based one called Fault Tolerance and works for agent less VM backup. It's also considered to be the next generation virtual machine. Before the coming of VMware vSphere 4.0, it was not possible to clone a running virtual machine with another one, but now that is also possible with all the features of scalability, availability and security in it. VMware vSphere makes IT assets look like one large resource pool from which one can delve and reap benefits like long term business goals and increasing productivity levels. The paper talks about how VMware vSphere can serve as a virtual visualization platform by deploying its services and enhance its operational efficiency. They target their product at business enterprises who have already embraced the concept of cloud computing.

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