Voice over IP (VoIP) Implementation Guide for Network Performance Management

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Executive Summary

The long-hyped convergence of voice and data onto a single network is finally becoming reality. Major industry magazines and analysts are now discussing the explosion of VoIP deployments, and corporate rollouts have commenced in order to take advantage of the operational efficiencies and competitive advantages that are facilitated through VoIP's advanced communication services.

However, when convergence occurs on your network, will the infrastructure be ready to handle this added burden? Almost universally, industry analysts talk about incomplete and delayed VoIP implementations caused by poor pre-deployment analysis, planning and lack of wellintegrated management tools that address both networked voice and data applications. The risks are not only the investments made in the VoIP equipment and upgraded infrastructure, but also in the potential impact on organizational productivity when a voice initiative has a negative effect on existing networked business services. The reputation of the IT organization can hinge on the success or failure of a VoIP implementation.

The solution to mitigate these risks is a lifecycle approach to VoIP deployment: assessment, planning, impact analysis, and ongoing management. Although completing each of these steps may seem, at times, overwhelming and complex, engaging a network and application performance management solution, especially one that will view VoIP in context with all other application traffic on the network, will increase the potential for a successful project.

This white paper describes how the nGenius? Performance Management System can help in completing a comprehensive analysis, developing a thorough plan, and assessing the impact of your VoIP implementation. A thorough investigation of each step of the lifecycle process increases the probability of a successful rollout, and ultimately achieves optimized performance of both business and voice applications across the enterprise network.

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