Big Data

Web Analytics

Date Added: Apr 2010
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Buyers no longer need to contact sales teams to educate themselves on available products and services. They use the internet. Once they have identified the main suppliers, they will visit their respective websites. Web Analytics is used to track inbound marketing response and take appropriate actions in real-time, which is why it is set to play an increasingly vital role in your overall sales and marketing process. Web analytics works in unison with StrategyMix. Essentially the process is quite simple. A small piece of JavaScript code is provided, which should be included in each web page that one would like to track. When someone visits your website the code will place a cookie on their computer. Each time that person visits one of your nominated web pages, the JavaScript code contacts one of the web servers to record the visit in your database. Inbound marketing is set to increase relative to outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is also set to decline as response rates from email marketing fall further. This has already happened in countries where anti-spam legislation is relatively weak and the consequent email abuse has led to a tremendous reduction in overall response rates. It is no longer about mass marketing to prospects, but it is more about how one responds to the visitors who come to your website.