Web Services Support in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Date Added: May 2009
Format: HTML

There are various tools and frameworks that are designed to support Web Service development. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) 11g offers a set of certified standard-based plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE that improves JEE development, debugging, and installation process for Oracle WebLogic Server. OEPE delivers added value by offering additional wizards, project types, and other support that eases the process of Web Service development. The notable features include Fastswap that is Java Class Redefinition support for WebLogic Server, virtual EAR technology, graphical editors for WebLogic Server deployment descriptors, and an Oracle Database Plug-in for the Eclipse Data Tools Platform. There are various approaches that need to be considered when creating a Web Service including the top-down contract of web services, java implementation, and defining the contract and implementation. Discussed in this paper is the Web Service support offered in Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. OEPE features easy-to-use Web Service tester called WebLogic Test Client web application that is distributed with WebLogic Server. This tester is used to keep a check on the workings of Web Service and is designed to inspect the generated Web Service artifacts. This paper is divided into various sections with one section examining the OEPE's support for developing the Web Service clients by creating a client for the MavieGadget Web Service based on its WSDL.