Web Services Versioning

This paper focuses on identifying the types of changes that can occur in services, introducing different patterns that can be considered for Web services versioning and Provide guidelines for applying those patterns in real-world solutions. It provides a good understanding of the main aspects that should be dealt with when building your own enterprise Web services versioning strategy. A typology of change in Web services can be created in relation to the impact on the current consumers of those services. One approach is to qualify a change that will not affect the current consumers as a minor release and a change that will affect the current consumers as a major release. A minor release is of two types- a correction of a bug or a performance enhancement and adding new methods to a Web service, wherein the WSDL is changed with no impact on service consumers. A major release involves a change that will break backwards compatibility. In this case the consumers must be modified. When a new version of a Web service is released - whether a major or minor release - the consumers are notified about the change, and are responsible for changing the code to access the new version. The paper also focuses on the advantages of using Oracle Service Bus. It also covers various practices that can be applied to a variety of versioning tasks.

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