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What Companies Need To Understand About Switching To Outcome-Based Approaches In Outsourcing

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Executive Summary

Among the various changes that will impact outsourcing over the next five years, the author, says the first will be a focus on outcomes-based pricing models. "Focusing on clients' end-to-end processes, the discussion moves to outcomes pretty fast when considering the advantage of an outsourcer doing a client's work. Over the next five years, this will become a critical differentiator in the way clients and providers work together," the author predicts. Les Mara, who leads Enterprises Services BPO in EMEA for HP, agrees. "In next few years, I think that outcome-based approaches will accentuate polarization in the market between niche providers and mainstream providers." He predicts polarization because he believes that buyers can only undertake these sorts of arrangements with larger, more mature, asset-rich providers.

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