What's Good for Security is Good for Operations: Why Configuration Assessment Followed by Change Auditing is Key to Operational Stability

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Executive Summary

Network administrators and IT managers know that the ramifications of one small change to a company's critical servers or network devices--such as routers, switches, and firewalls--depend on whether the change is desired or not. Without a way to know when change occurs and whether it's desired, not desired, accidental, benign, malicious, intentional, or originating from inside or outside, IT teams have few options for preventing negative consequences and minimizing damage. Configuration audit and control solutions give organizations greater control over service-affecting changes and provide the foundation of a layered security strategy. Tripwire configuration audit and control software monitors key files and configurations of servers, desktops, network devices, directory servers and more, detecting externally- and internally-originating changes, alerting IT staff, and providing detailed reports for rapid restoration of systems to a known good state.

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