What's New In VMware vSphere 4: Virtual Networking

Date Added: May 2009
Format: PDF

VNware vShpere 4 are new virtual networking solutions offered by VMware. Several new capabilities and features are included under the VMware vNetwork. The enhancements on vNetwork offer unparalleled and unique control to the network administrator and the server administrator, along with simple deployment, management capabilities and troubleshooting. It is an assembly of network technologies to integrate I/O functionality and networking into vSphere. VM ware has now released a paper which offers an overview of all enhancements in VMware vNetwork along with the features and benefits. The paper is meant as a guide for all network managers and IT managers involved with the virtual networking environment of a large company. There are many major advantages to the VMware vNetwork enhancements. This next generation solution in virtual networking brings representation on a single virtual switch representation which enables services like private VLANs, Network VMotion (enabling and better trouble shooting by keeping track of VNetworking state), and traffic routing and shaping. The paper also gives details on vNetwork Distributed Switch including simplified solutions for network configuration, provisioning, and management and new features and enhancements in VDS. The new VDS enhancements offered better benefits like 3PTY Virtual Switch Support. You can refer to the paper for the additional features in the VMware vNetwork which include VMXNET, MSI/ MIS- X support, IPv6 checksum, and TCP Segmentation Offloading.