What's The Password? Taking Control Of Identity Access Management

Date Added: Apr 2010
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Control of information has never been more critical to an organization, its employees, vendors, and business partners. Yet never has it been more difficult. Unauthorized system access leading to compromised data and information causes anxiety on the part of executive officers and security consultants, of almost every organization across the globe. Current business trends only exacerbate the problem. The outsourcing of information handling, whether third-party payroll administration, call center operations, order fulfillment, or leave and disability management or new technologies such as cloud computing, all present additional risks for "Information Leakage," fraud, or loss. This potentially results in an erosion of confidence on the part of shareholders, regulators, and the public. Complicating the issue is an intricate web of regulations and guidelines that have been enacted by government and industry watchdogs in an attempt to create a framework for the access to, and dissemination of sensitive information, particularly personally identifiable information. Improvement in access control and management is no longer just the headache of the CIO, CISO, or IT security officer. The very existence of an organization can be imperiled unless companies face head-on the issues affecting their data and its dissemination. In the massively interconnected world in which business is conducted today, organizations face the burden of managing complex information systems that are accessed by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people daily. The rapidly increasing number of users who require access means that even seemingly simple activities such as resetting passwords can become time-consuming and costly.