Where Does the Cloud Fit Into My Information Management Strategy

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Executive Summary

Comedian George Carlin used to do a funny bit about stuff. He used to say, "All I want is a place for my stuff." But when it comes to business information, the "stuff" of enterprise, how and where you put your stuff is often a complex, convoluted, time consuming, expensive, and risky process.

Solving the information management challenge can also feel like playing chess in three dimensions. In one dimension, you have information ranging from physical or paper records and tapes to digital from PCs, laptops, mobile devices, app servers, files, emails, SharePoint, and everything in between. In another dimension, you have the issues of regulatory compliance, legal discovery, and other externally-driven factors. And, in yet a third dimension, you have the challenge of process and how to physically manage all information where it resides (e.g. physical, edge devices, on-premise infrastructure, etc.) in a way that is reliable, secure, and discoverable so your stuff is safe and you can actually find it when it's needed.

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