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White Paper: Backup Solution Options

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Data backup is something that all organisations need. This paper proposes various backup solution options as proposed by Community IT Innovators (CITI); its advantages and disadvantages; and the wide variation that each system costs. CITI understands each client's operational requirements and needs and offers personalised solutions to every client. CITI works extremely hard to help each client find the backup solution that fits its particular requirements. The four kind of backup solutions that CITI offers are: a) Backup to tape; b) Backup to external hard drive; c) Internet backup solution; d) Backup Appliance with offsite replication. Backup to tape solutions make use of a tape driver and tape cassette media. Tapes and tape drives come in a variety of types, which cost more or less depending on how much data a single tape can hold. In addition, it also requires backup software. External hard drive solution is less costly as compared to tape method, can easily be taken to offsite and is much smaller but is not trusted when large amount of data needs to be backed up. Internet backup solutions are extremely popular because of its low cost but the fact that this solution is very long acts as a drawback. Managed Backup appliances use virtualization technology to completely backup servers on the network. Both the data and operating system components of a server are backed up. Because the process is entirely automated, the solution is not prone to failure due to human error.