White paper on Open Source Novell iFolder 3.8

Date Added: Dec 2009
Format: PDF

With the number of computer devices one use everyday, it has become difficult to maintain data integrity. As one moves around, they land up saving different versions of your files in the office, on your laptop and maybe on the removable drive. Often one is faced with the problem where one doesn't have access to the latest version of your file. And in case one is not saving data on your local hard drive, then in the case of a crash, one is likely to lose all important information. That is where Novell iFolder has come as a possible solution that can assist mobile users of files. With the iFolder, the files follow one everywhere - online or offline - across multiple systems and Networks. The iFolder has also taken care to secure important files. All the files available on the iFolder are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. In case any alteration is made to an iFolder file, the changes are automatically and intelligently updated to the iFolder server and at other places where the file exists. This way one can access your files using a standard web browser, even while on the move. With the iFolder 3.8 users can designate any network server as an iFolder server. This server is then used to publish information to a personal. Once the folder is in place, one can install iFolder on all computers that are used on a regular basis.