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White paper: The CIO Perspective; To Be Great at IT, You Must Be Great at BPM

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Executive Summary

From the Board level on down, IT is being pushed to deliver "more for less." This is the major mandate for IT leadership. I call it "FBC - Faster, Better, Cheaper."

BPM is a construction tool - one that we are very, very excited about - that delivers Faster, Better, Cheaper solutions. In its essence, BPM is a discipline and a methodological approachwhich changes IT's conversation with the business to an interactive, continuously-iterative approach to building solutions.

BPM takes the IT conversation into the language of the business - addressing one of the perennial problems of IT: the business-IT communications gap. BPM ties bottom-up continuous improvement with a top-down strategic view. As you go deeper and deeper into BPM,you realize that the variation of processes around your company is not what it should be - processes have grown in more of an accidental way than in a designed way, and there are great opportunities for commonality and reuse.

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