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Why WebEx? Discover the Beneits of Real-Time Web Collaboration in Your Organization

Date Added: Oct 2009
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The global economy requires new ways of doing business. It simply is not feasible to travel to all locations to meet prospects, customers, and colleagues. It's inefficient, too expensive, and hampers productivity. Today's companies are global operations, with distributed workforces, worldwide clients, and round-the-clock customer support. When the workday ends in one part of the world, it's just beginning on another continent. Increasingly, knowledge workers are trading cubicles at corporate headquarters for remote offices, mobile workplaces, and virtual rooms. Travel budgets continue to shrink, while the need to work collaboratively with global teams continues to amplify. These new global realities can be challenging, but they also bring tremendous opportunities. A visionary IT and business leader can harness the latest trends and technologies to increase productivity, maximize eficiency, and improve communication.