Disaster Recovery

Why Your Company Needs a Telepresence-Enabled Business Continuity Plan

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Executive Summary

The objective of a business continuity solution is to maintain business as usual in any situation. In today's competitive economic climate, businesses cannot afford any downtime. Just 1 hour lost can cost thousands, even millions, of dollars. The unexpected is becoming the norm, and businesses are quickly realizing it is essential to have a business continuity plan that enables employees to function at full capacity, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road.

Many organizations that most successfully handle unexpected disruptions have telepresence-enabled business continuity plans that allow them to maintain visual contact with their stakeholders from anywhere. Telepresence enables face-to-face communication, essential for building trust and reassurance, and ensuring that critical people stay informed?even when they cannot be there. This type of visual access is critical when a matter of minutes can have huge cost, safety, and operational implications. Learn more about telepresence as a business continuity solution in this document.

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