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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: The Path From Carter and Reagan-Era Faith in Deregulation to Widespread Products Impacting Our World

Date Added: May 2009
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The rules adopted in Docket 81-413 had a much greater impact than any of its advocates could ever have imagined at the time. They enabled the development of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the majority of cordless phones now sold in the US, and myriad other lesser-known niche products. In doing so they created employment and growth for the communications electronics industry but the nature of the unforeseen products produced also changed the daily world and created further economic growth through improving efficiency of the society. Unlicensed systems also became a serious player in the communications infrastructure, although serious disagreements continue as what their role should be in the long-term. Without the success of the ISM bands, this discussion would not even be on the table.