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World's Top Management Guru Calls For Radical Innovation At First India Business Conference

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Prahalad is the Paul and Ruth McCracken Distinguished University Professor of Strategy at Ross. He presented his vision for "India at 75" during the school's premier India Business Conference Oct. 10. Panels focused on emerging opportunities and existing challenges for corporations doing business in India. Experts and faculty discussed the nation's burgeoning middle class, evolving consumer behavior, manufacturing innovations, infrastructure development, venture capital, and more. Alumni and business leaders representing Bharti Airtel, Tata Motors, ITC North America, TVS Capital Funds, and Ventureast, among others, shared their insights regarding India's transforming economy and fast-changing market environment. In keeping with the conference title "One Billion and Counting," Prahalad shared his vision for converting India's population into the largest economic opportunity the world has ever seen.