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  • John Sheesley // December 10, 2008, 6:13 AM PST

    An annual holiday tradition: Computer commercials

    Christmas, Hannukah, and all of the other traditional winter holidays are around the corner. That means its the time of year for lots of commercials, including ones for computers. ...

  • Jay Garmon // April 14, 2008, 5:02 PM PST

    Geek Trivia: Clear browser history

    What was the first World Wide Web browser for Windows?

  • TechRepublic Staff // November 5, 2007, 10:22 PM PST

    Netware 3.12 is only about 15 years ago

    NW 2.x ist in the 20 year region. What i meant with read me your autoexec.bat... was that i was asked it by some support dudes from Novell back then. This was in a time we had both...

  • TechRepublic Staff // November 19, 2006, 10:25 PM PST

    Um no

    My Canadian Internet Handbook (second edition, signed by the authors) published in 1993 shows dozens of ISPs in Canada at the time, all of which provided email services. The web wa...

  • TechRepublic Staff // July 23, 2003, 2:48 PM PST

    Mac on a Windows 2000 network

    Hi What are you trying to actually do, which mail are you reading/internal or Internet?. I don't believe you can get LAN mail - but may be wrong - may be some IP address orient...