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  • Harvard Business School // December 31, 2010, 4:00 PM PST

    Turning Waste Into By-Product

    This paper studies how a firm can create and capture value by converting a waste stream into a useful and saleable by-product. The authors show that BPS creates an operational syne...

  • Elsevier // May 4, 2010, 5:00 PM PST

    Business Models, Business Strategy and Innovation

    Whenever a business enterprise is established, it either explicitly or implicitly employs a particular business model that describes the design or architecture of the value creatio...

  • TechRepublic Staff // October 1, 2006, 1:35 AM PST

    STRATFOR Public Policy Report

    Stratfor Public Policy Intelligence Report Strategic Forecasting PUBLIC POLICY INTELLIGENCE REPORT 09.27.2006 Corporate Campaigns Find a Peak By Bart Mongoven The Interfaith...