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  • TechRepublic Staff // August 29, 2007, 9:54 AM PST

    user dislikes vista

    You are obviously NOT talking about Microsoft here! Of cause Vista will have bugs! Just wait and see. You will hear very clearly and very loudly the bugs and annoyances Vista has....

  • Steed // May 1, 2001, 7:22 PM PST

    Cant browse sites with SSL

    We currently have a machine attached to a leased line with windows 2000 advanced server. We are using mailtraq as a proxy. We can browse sites with SSL direct from the machine but ...

  • Steed // February 27, 2001, 2:46 PM PST

    IE connection - Dial-up?

    One of my users has a Dell Insiron with Windows 2000. The primary login is Novell. When initiating IE (5) it does not reecognise that the machine is logged in to a Network. The IE ...

  • Steed // December 11, 2000, 7:06 PM PST

    Oracle Installation

    I'm trying to install Oracle 8i on a client but when I click NEXT on the FILE LOCATIONS window I get the error: "Invalid staging area. There are no top level components for Window...

  • Steed // October 17, 2000, 5:14 PM PST

    Anti Virus Crashes Machine

    I recently installed a copy of McAfee Total Virus Defence on a Windows 98 machine. Since the install, when outlook express is opened (most of the time) the machine hangs. Occasiona...