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  • TechRepublic Staff // November 3, 2009, 5:16 PM PST

    Diskless Systems

    Well If you are not really very keen to install the software on those machines directly, then you might wanna use them as Diskless System (Thick Server+Thin Client Computing). Us...

  • Jacky Howe // July 27, 2008, 3:18 PM PST

    Slow in Applying Personal Setting

    I have a Small Business Server 2003 R2 hosting some application and recently i am required to put in a brand new machine with Window XP Pro SP2 to act as a application server. I ha...

  • TechRepublic Staff // December 19, 2005, 11:02 PM PST

    sorry for the lack of clarity

    This is a situation that evolved in the implementation phase. The old system had 4 PCs as dumb terminals. Right next to them was the new network with windows XP systems. The server...