Application streaming

May 16, 2008, 3:43 AM PST | Length: 192

Sponsored: Updating applications can be time-consuming for both users and administrators. Christian Black, an IT systems engineer at Intel, explains why application streaming is a better way to deliver software.

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In Reference to Application Streaming ( Application Streaming Can be great except in these circumstances: I found this method only efficient in large business, for the setup time in creating a package can take more time that it would if only a few users need the application or if the company size is fairly small. Another down side is pre-configuration settings. Depending on the application some settings may work on one End Users PC/Laptop, versus another End Users PC/Laptop. If the company has to many different types of PC's then the time to make a package for each is not worth the time, might as well go with some sort of Virtulization. (Problems here can be (RAM,Video Card Memory or Settings, Hard Drive Space, Desktop Settings, To Many OS Versions! and more) Try to be sure that your company, or the company you will be enabling this has some sort of Unified Desktop/Laptop Settings in place. But, Application Streaming is great if you are able to make it work efficiently. There may be more, but that is all I have encountered so far.