CES 2008 Unveiled: Samsung, Logitech, NETGEAR and AMD

January 6, 2008, 11:05 AM PST | Length: 344

During the CES Unveiled event, Bill Detwiler got a sneak peak at some of the devices and technology vendors will showcase during CES 2008. Bill looked at Samsung's Ubicell femtocell base station, several products from Logitech and Netgear, and AMD's new Spider platform.


There is a better product that already exists. Wi-Ex's zBoost works with all carriers and doesn't jam up your modem. It is compact like the UbiCell but works with all carriers, not just Sprint, it allows multiple users, not just 3 or 4, and you only have to buy the unit, there are no monthly fees. Plus, zBoost has been on sale for a while. The only reason that people are making such a fuss is because Samsung is a larger corporation and probably has a much larger marketing budget.