Do HP Pavilions have a Wi-Fi problem?

October 25, 2007, 5:40 AM PST | Length: 398

Tipped-off by a reader, ZDNet's David Berlind takes HP to task in Tech Shakedown for what appears to be a serious problem with the Wi-Fi feature on some Pavilion notebooks. Despite many complaints listed on HP's Web site over nearly five months, there's been little response from HP. Instead, the forum shows customers banding together to figure out the remedial steps to solve the problems.


I was given an HP Pavilion DV6000 to work on for a friend. His attempts to repair the WiFi failure had ended when his Vista developed a Bootmgr Missing problem. I was able to get a restoration DVD from HP and then went after the WiFi. It rapidly became obvious that the problem was neither software nor BIOS and this was confirmed when I read David's article on this situation. I called HP yesterday (June 8th) to discuss other matters and discovered that they had realized the cause to of the problem and were willing to make repairs from free no matter the state of the warranty. They are sending a box to my friend so that she can return the computer to them for repair. Apparently, HP had out-sourced the manufacture of the motherboard to a company that attempted to cut corners. The WiFi card was soldered onto the motherboard in an inadequate manner. Over time the solder failed and the WiFi no longer worked. All previous "solutions" were obviously useless. Needless to say, HP has severed ties to those two companies, one was Apollo. In order to get the problem resolved it is necessary to call into the tech support line and make sure to speak to someone who is aware of the problem and the solution. This may require asking to speak to a US Mainland rep. When I called in the entire process took less than ten minutes. Please disseminate this informaton, as I am sure there are many who have simply given up, and that is terribly wasteful.