Managing virtual machines for maintenance in VMware Workstation

October 10, 2008, 5:28 AM PST | Length: 191

Did you know that you can map a virtual disk in Workstation 6 right from the graphical user interface (GUI)? Instead of powering up the virtual machine (VM) to copy and paste data between the guest and the host OS, you can simply map a virtual disk to the host computer and perform your maintenance, etc.

This video blog provides you with an example.


VMware has a command-line utility called VMware Disk Mount Utility. It lets you mount a VMware .vmdk image on your computer. The image cannot be mapped to an active or suspended virtual machine, but if the associated VM is 'powered off', it will mount. It will also mount a virtual disk that is not associated with a virtual machine at all, although I found that it won't work unless the virtual disk has been formatted. In Windows, you can only mount FAT, FAT32 or NTFS images. In Linux, you can mount images formatted to other protocols. There is a third-party GUI that makes Disk Mount much easier to use. Download the Disk Mount Utility v.5.5 from Download the Vmount 1.1 for VMware from